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To Brow or Not to Brow

To Brow or Not to Brow

Flicking through this months Harpers Bazaar and Marie Claire magazines I have found fodder for more than one or two blogs… maybe I should buy magazines more often.

In Harpers there are two different editorials that for me show perfectly why it is important to create a strong, shaped brow in order to frame the face.  Amazingly, even with a thick, dark eyebrow you will find that the features are lifted and softened beautifully.

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And the Oscar goes to, "Less is More."

Jennifer Lawrence, keeping it so simple

Jennifer Lawrence, keeping it so simple

Cate Blanchett, classic beauty.

Cate Blanchett, classic beauty.

Well it would seem from the recent Oscars extravaganza that less has become the new more when it comes to makeup trends.  There was star after super star sporting simple, beautiful, elegant makeup, and it was so lovely to see.

Cate Blanchett embodies classic movie star beauty with her bejewelled champagne dress, simply elegant hair style and fabulously classic makeup.  She along with a quite few other actresses has shown us the importance of two coats of mascara and well placed falsies, all without scaring us with outlandish, over-the-top operatic style makeup that we so often see at these events.

Though she was sporting a little more eyeliner,  Jennifer Lawrence was also wearing a minimal makeup style.  It's so lovely to see women enhancing their beauty with makeup rather than hiding behind a mask of smeared salves.  I have recently been introduced to young girl who has a very successful youtube following, teaching our young women that the only way to be beautiful is to blot out who you really are and create a brand new mask.  What does that say about society and its view of women.  It's ok for men to have grey hair and get wrinkly, but women are cut, lifted and botoxed!

These women are showing that it's beautiful to keep it simple.

Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel

Take a look at Jessica Biel, she is a vision, one would truly have to struggle to wear less makeup than that.  I can hear you thinking…"oh, but she's beautiful already, she doesn't need makeup."  But what does that mean?  Need?  Is the need to wear makeup just to hide, or is it to enhance?  I am all for enhancing a woman's beauty, not creating a new recipe from scratch.  And believe me, there were plenty of truly beautiful women there with so much makeup on it was genuinely scary.

Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep was there in classic style with such tasteful, beautiful makeup… such a beautiful, talented, amazing woman.  And Bette Midler also showed what well placed makeup does, she looked sensational.

Cate Blanchett

Cate Blanchett

So who's makeup shall I show you how to do?  Well, keeping it in the family I am going to tell you how to get Cate Blanchett's look, it's pretty simple stuff, just the way I like it.

Prepare your face with SLA Perfection Concealer, concealing under the eyes, around the nose and lips, and anywhere that is a little blotchy.  I don't mean cover your whole face with concealer, just create a clean canvas, Cate's flawless look all comes down to well applied foundation.  

Then choose a foundation that matches perfectly with your decolletage.  This is really important, as you can see, the continuity of colour from her face to her chest is perfect, and so often the makeup looks like a mask because the face and chest are a different colour.  If you are Cate's colouring then you are definitely going to be using Ali Hamytlon's Darling Dual Finish foundation, first with a very slightly damp Beauty Pod sponge, then sealed over the top with a mop brush.

Then shape your brows with Ali's Delux Liner brush and a little bit of Yass eyeshadow, don't be too skimpy as we are going for a little extra in the brow department, and remember that the highest point of your brow should be two thirds of the way along your eye for that classic arch.

On the lid area we will start with AHC Eliza all over the lids right up to the brows as a base, then using Lillipili as the contour all over lid area, up into the socket line and under the eye.  Then create a little bit of depth and warmth with a combination of Yass and Simpson over the lid area to the outer corner and just a tiny little bit underneath... not much as you can see there is not much makeup under the eye, this creates lift.

Now for the eyeliner, lots of eyeliner.  Start with Ali's Black Eye Pencil thicker on the outer corner getting thinner and thinner as you move toward the nose, then smudge it gently with a cotton bud.  Seal that pencil with a delux liner brush and some Bulla.  Then if you have a steady hand and want to really knock that black liner out of the park, you can go over the line again with a thin line of Ali's liquid liner in Midnight, only a thin line though, this is not a thick Katy Perry style black line.

Then curl those lashes!  After they are curled to perfection apply the first coat of mascara, wait till it's dry and then apply a second coat to the base of the lashes... if you want to apply a third then that's okay, just careful of the clumps.

On your cheeks I would use a little bit of Sydney blush, starting at the apple and spreading back in circular motions, then apply a little Otto as a highlighter along the tops of your cheek bones.

Line your lips with Sweet lip pencil and then colour the whole lip in, then apply a tiny smear of Thora for a sheen of shine.  

And voilà! You are ready to accessorise with a pair of $5000 ear rings and head out the door!


Brow Bar Open!


That MakeUp and Brow Bar is now open for business! And it is the best place to go for all of your eyebrow sculpting and magical makeup wants.

So if you are anywhere near south east Queensland come on down to our gorgeous little salon in Palm Beach, have an amazing herbal brew and I will transform your eyebrows using only tweezers, no harsh waxing will be used on your delicate eye area. Colour adjustment of your brows will be included in the service using tints and I will also teach you how to get the most out of your brows with some crazy good makeup tips.

So if you would like the most stylish eyebrows possible then book for an appointment on 0405 365 532.