Welcome to That Make, and Welcome Ali Hamylton!


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We thought we would launch our blog with a little history on our very first client, Ali Hamylton.  Ali is a dynamic woman who has built a makeup range from scratch over the last 16 years and would be the first to admit that it has been one vertical learning curve after another!!  She is a beautiful, vivacious, sassy and incredibly frank woman, with a story that would surely inspire anyone.

We don't quite know how far back into Ali's career in the beauty industry we need to go, but the beginning sounds like a good idea.  Ali started her life in the beauty industry as a model, working both in Australia, Hong Kong and South Africa, then, after producing two amazing children , she trained as a beautician.  She opened her first salon, The New You, in Sydney way back in 1978.  Ali went on to train as a specialist manicurist  in Honolulu which lead to her being voted in Lord Lichfield's, Book of the Worlds Best as Australia's premier manicurist,  and also can be credited with bringing the French Manicure to Australia.   After working as a manicurist in Sydney and Melbourne she started The Ali Hamylton Institute, a training school for hairdressers and makeup artists, contracting the best in the industry to teach.  So a natural progression led to becoming a manufacturer of Australia's first professional makeup range back in 1991.

She started out with just 9 lipsticks and travelled around New South Wales selling her wares out of the back of a white Honda covered in lips.  And now, from those meager beginnings she has built a beautiful professional range that stands up straight and strong next to the likes of MAC, Bobbi Brown and Stilla.   She has some amazing stories to tell, one doesn't achieve all that she has without collecting enough material for several books, so it is with great pleasure that we at That MakeUp present you with the Ali Hamylton range of cosmetics.