Scarlett Johansson's Look

She is gorgeous, there is no two ways about it. When they said "get in line for good looks" she surely lined up twice! So there has to be a few liberties taken when I say "get Scarlett's look." I can not make you look like Scarlett Johansson... but I can tell you how to use your Ali Hamylton makeup and give this look a go.

Scarlett JohanssonLet's assume you have your foundation perfectly applied, now get your 'Otto creme eyeshadow' and smear this across the top of your cheek bones as a luminiser. I do this with my ring finger... just rub your finger tip in the pot and then use circular motions to apply it to the cheekbones.

Then, sticking with the 'Otto', apply it all over the lid area, right the way up to the brow. Next, get the 'Simpson Eyeshadow' and press this into the lid area. Now I say press because you will be applying a powder eyeshadow over a creme, so you need to push it into the creme. Once you have a layer of powder there, blend it back and forth, I would be using the small fluff brush to do this. Then I would run it around the whole eye.

Then get your 'Sun Eye Shimmer' and apply this to the lid area with your finger, then tap the excess off the applicator and gently run it under your eye.

Next up, get your super soft Ali Hamylton Eye Pencil in Black and line the wet line (or inner rim) of your lower lid, running it all the way to the inner corner and around onto the top inner corner. Then get that same pencil and apply a tiny bit to the last quarter of the outer corner of your eyes, then gently smudge it out with a cotton bud. I would seal that black pencil with 'Bulla' (a super black eyeshadow). This sealing is what will make your pencil indellible! Just get your Delux Liner Brush and make sure you apply it to the back of your hand first... that stuff is STRONG, and just push it over the top of that pencil. As you can see from the picture, there is not a lot of intensity on the upper line, so don't put too much on, just seal that pencil. All of the black focus is on the lower, outer corner, so use your liner brush to slowly build up to the intensity you desire.

After all that, curl those lashes and apply your mascara.

Once you have done all of this it is just a matter of smearing a little 'Melrose Creme Blush' onto those cheeks for a natural, rosy glow, and a little 'Blossom Lipgloss' to your lips, and you are good to go.

I am sure you will have paparazzi following you hither and yon, just to get a shot of you.

Let me know if you have any questions on this, or if you would like me to do a video blog of it I will see what I can do... lost my camera recently, but I am sure I will find a way.

Good luck!

Kylie x

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Otto Creme Eyeshadow
Simpson Eyeshadow
Sun Eye Shimmer
Black Pencil
Blossom Lipgloss