Let's Get Those Peaches Out.

Take a look at our new Peachy Keen Special this month, it is great value and brilliant colours for this time of year.

Here are some ideas for how you could do your make up with these products.......

We will assume that you have your base done, so the next thing you would do is get the Harmony Creme Eyeshadow, apply it to your eyelids using your ring finger, I always use this finger when applying make up with my fingers as it's gentle and just seems to fit better than all of my other fingers.

Now get your soft, brown eye pencil and just deepen the outer corners of your eyes by applying it to the outer third, concentrating more on the upper lash line,  then just smudge it a little with you finger.  You are only wanting to create a little shade here so don't go nuts with the brown, if you are wanting a little more depth than that just run the pencil along the inner rim of the lower lid......this will bring out all of the blue or green in your eyes if you have any.  Again, this is meant to be soft so don't use ALL of your pencil.

Now curl your lashes and apply your mascara.

OK, on to lips.  Get your Jesse lipstick and sweep it straight across your mouth,  (I prefer to use a lip brush here so as not to create that "oil slick too much lippie look", but know that it is up to you, who knows you might like that look), then get the lip pencil of your choice and line your lips over your lipstick, shaping as you go.  This will get whatever pencil you choose to blend in with the Jesse, you could use Shale for a more bronze look, or you could go with a more pink pencil if you have one and this will keep things soft and peachy.  In order for this technique to work it is important for you to have a nice sharp pencil. If you live in a warm climate, try keeping your pencils in the fridge, that makes them much easier to sharpen.

I always leave the blush till last, I find that the biggest crime committed in make-up is done with the blush brush, and I think that is because most people put their blush on straight after their foundation hoping to bring that much needed colour back to their face.  It is better to wait, and you will see that there is less needed if you do.  So get your brush, swipe it across the gorgeous, peachy Noosa blush and then take the excess off on the back of your hand.  Then gently run it along your cheekbones in circular motions going from front to back.  You don't want too much at the front as you can look a little "cu-pie doll"  like so just go slowly, it is always easy to apply more blush, but it is bloody hard to get the stuff off!

Once you have this looking perfect get your Harmony eye shadow back out and gently apply it to the tops of your cheek bones as a luminiser, it looks gorgeous with this look, just subtly catches the light to dazzle your onlookers!

Well I hope this helps, please feel free to post any make-up questions that you have and I will answer them straight away.