Boy oh boy (yooohooo, boys!)

This beauty industry has been the exclusive domain for women for so many years...but times they are a changin'.  Men have moved very quickly from lemony smelling Gilette shaving cream and a splash of Brut 33 to a plethora of companies vying for their beauty dollar.  Most of the cosmetics houses have seen the big opportunity of capitalising on the likes of David Beckham with his chiseled features, smooth skin, good looks, amazing body (am I going too far here???? Paul thinks I am talking about him) and of course, his nail polish.  They have all brought out a men's skin care line and all manner of manly beauty accessories.  The "Metro Man" has well and truly come of age now as companies emerge seemingly from nowhere to offer everything a man could need to look beautiful.

According to Andrea Bartz  "Confidence is always sexy, and being comfortable enough to do something feminine is, in some ways, the ultimate show of machismo." If this is the case, the men of today are getting VERY macho indeed.  But what I don't understand is why a breed of human that has been reasonably intelligent in the past is being sooo gullible today?!  I went and had a look at some of these sites that are selling cosmetics to men and they are so funny.  They use words like, 'structure definition powder'...blush/bronzer, 'lash and brow styling glaze'...mascara, and my personal favourite 'confidence corrector'...concealer!!

I think that it is the responsibility of women everywhere to educate this modern man in the ways of makeup, honestly ladies, if your man is going to join you at the mirror to get ready for a night out, let's at least get them doing it right...we don't want what Natasha Hughes saw over the Easter weekend to be the norm, when she saw a man at his own wedding wearing some pretty ghastly foundation.

So boys, understand that all the research has been done, the women of the world have been your lab rats and you don't need to go and invent new names for products that have already been invented to make yourself feel comfortable.

So here is a quick list of the Ali Hamylton Cosmetics men's collection...

Confidence Corrector ... choose the concealer that is the right colour for your skin, this means that it should be the exact colour of your skin, sometimes this means that you might need to get two and mix the colours together.  Dab a little on something that you want to cover up with your finger,  whether that be a pimple, a spot or under those eyes after a big night out, and then blend it in.

Structure definition powder... one has to be careful here, it is easy to step over the Metro man line and join the Mardi Gras parade if you know what I mean, so learn the number one rule right here and right now...LESS IS MORE!  A little bronzing powder adds some life to your face, just apply with a brush under your cheek bones and then blend it carefully around your face.

Now for the Eye Definition Crayons...oops I mean eye pencil.  Here is where we have the potential to go from man to girly-boy, tread carefully, Daniel Johns gets away with this with ease, but he gets away with all kinds of things (Daniel who??? ...and a photo).  This is definitely a look, so you will have to work out when it suits you to stop, but always start from the outer corner of your eyes and work your way in...if you start from the inside out you will look cross-eyed.  You can also sweep some liner along the inner rim of the lower lid, but then again, how emo do you want to be?!

OK, I think I have given you guy's a start here, let me know if you have any questions and we could then go on to the "Master Class" of men's makeup...but that would be a looooooong blog indeed!

Take care all,