"How To" do your cake eyeliner.

I use Ali's dual foundation and think it is fantastic. I have just purchased the
cake eyeliner and wanted to know the correct way to use it - wet or dry?

Ellen Ford has emailed me this question, and it is interesting timing as I am just in the process of putting together a series of "how to's" for the ThatMakeUp blog.  I was going to start at the very beginning and do the first one on concealer, but Ellen has inspired me to start in the middle and tell you all how the cake eyeliner works.

You definitely use it wet, but not too wet.  What I do is get a small glass of water, you don't need much.  I fill my delux liner brush with water and then make a small puddle with it in the cake liner, I mean small, don't get your brush and turn your pot into a bath!

I work this little puddle, adding more water if I need, until it is an inky consistency, not too runny but definitely not pasty, then it is ready to go.

My advice with application is to go slowly and build it up to the shape you want.  I also like doing the line I want with pencil first and then blending that with a cotton bud before I apply my cake liner, but that is because I rarely look for a sharp line.

If you find that the liner bleeds into fine lines then you have made it too watery...if you find that it drags then it is too thick.

Always make sure that the line is thicker in the outer corner of your eye then the inner, the inner corner should be super fine and then gradually thicken up as it travels along the eye.

OK, I hope this helps, I will be going back to the beginning next week and tell you all about concealer.

Thanks for the question Ellen!  Please feel free to email any questions at all to kylie@thatmakeup.com if you have any more.