THE EVERY WOMAN EXPO. PERTH recently took Ali Hamylton over to Perth to take part in The Brown's Yoghurt Every Woman Expo...Wow, what a trip!  I don't know if I have ever been quite that busy. Each day started with making up the models from Metro Modelling Academy for the fashion parades...all 30 or so of them.  They were a fantastic group as they were all shapes, ages and sizes...imagine, a fashion parade with real women!! That started at 7.30 am, then it was makeup after makeup after makeup from 10 am til it was time to go back to the hotel room and pass out at about 9 pm. Man it was exhausting. Worth the effort though, we got so much amazing feed back!

We had 3 makeup artists on the stand, myself, Ali and Amanda from Donna Bella salon in Perth (our partners in the event) and I would have to say that we would have each done 100 makeups a you can imagine, being the Every Woman Expo there was more than a few women there! We well and truly proved that Ali Hamylton is for every woman, I think we must have converted at least half of that expo to becoming the latest Ali devotees.  Kylie_stand1.jpg
Something that always amazes me is how little is passed down from woman to woman these years gone by we'd learn all kinds of things from our mothers, our aunties, cousins, great aunties, great aunties best friends etc, we were surrounded by women who passed wisdoms on to us that we would otherwise take years to work out. Yet these days this doesn't seem to happen, especially not with makeup. I did so many makeups over this weekend on women who had never been shown anything about makeup at all. I know, I am lucky, I wanted to learn makeup from my mother, I mean she is Ali Hamylton, but still, I really think we should all make an effort to stay current   with makeup so that we can teach our daughters where to start.                                                

On top of Ali, Amanda and myself giving non-stop makeup lessons, Ali and I also presented on stage at the Reader's Lunch, it was such a hoot to tell more people of the amazing Ali story.  She really is an inspiration to not only me, but anyone who hears that story. I did a makeup while Ali kept them laughing, she was a bit emotional at first...she finds it hard to hear all of the lovely things I said about her, but it was all a lot of fun.

Ali_stage2.jpgKylie_stage1.jpgThis is Ali doing her thing up there on the big stage, she is such a trooper!  Over the weekend she spoke on stage on 3 different occasions and did 3 sessions in the celebrity kitchen...if you have met Ali you will know that the chef couldn't get a word in edgewise...I mean really, as if he would know how to cook!!

And this is me doing the beautiful Mandy's makeup on stage.  Thank you Mandy for volunteering to come up in front of hundreds of women and get your makeup done, that was so cool of you.

Well, like I said before, it was a lot of fun but, I have to say I think Dorothy was right though, I need a pair of those ruby slippers because there really is no place like home.

 Catch you soon, Kylie x