How To Shape and Tint Your Eyebrows

Well!!  It has been a LOOOOOONG time between blogs.  I am sure you were all wondering if I had fallen off the planet.  Well I hadn't, it has just been a very hectic time, but don't worry, I am back.

And I am back with my first attempt at a video blog.  I asked so many of my friends to let me video them as I plucked and tinted their eyebrows and they all said NO!  None of them were willing to suffer AND be seen by the whole world with no make up on, so I decided to do it myself.

So here I am, in all my natural glory, having let my eyebrows go for so long that they had all but disappeared, leaving me resembling a boiled egg!  No wonder they all said no.  I hope you enjoy, either that or get a good laugh.

Kylie x

PS. Please excuse the lack of professionalism this is my first time and I am camera chick, sound chick, talent AND editor... not to mention the planes whizzing by overhead.

PPS Please be patient, some browsers are taking a little while to get the video from Youtube.

Part One

If your browser doesn't load the video just click here and you will go straight to the video.

Part Two

If your browser doesn't load the video click here and go straight to the second video.