Isla Fisher in Allure Magazine

In the February issue of Allure Magazine there is a fantastic story and spread on Isla Fischer, the Australian actress that is the talk of the town in Hollywood. She is beautiful, funny and talented to boot, so why wouldn't she get tongues wagging.

Her makeup looks fantastic in this shoot so I thought I might tell you how you can get Isla's look with Ali Hamylton Cosmetics...

We should start by stating that Isla is a TRUE redhead, therefore there has been a brilliant use of bronzing powder... so, though she is definitely a lighter colour, I would start with using the Perisher Creme foundation as a light concealer... using my fingers, gently covering under the eyes, the top of the cheek bones and the center of her forehead (between the brows), this will act as a highlighter and bring the center of your face forward.

Then I would get the Burdekin Dual Finish Foundation and apply it with a brush all over the face, neck and chest... only lightly though, don't want it to be cakey... really going for the bronzed Aussie look here.

Now for the Bronzer.  Get your Ali Hamylton Bronzer and your powder mop brush, fill it with powder and then squeeze the bristles together to create a more firm brush, use these stronger bristles and create a shadow below the cheek bone and then blend out the line you have created. Just keep moving that bronzer around that area, moving it onto the cheek and up toward the forehead... making sure that under the cheekbone stays the strongest in colour. You can also use the bronzer on your chest and any other skin that will be exposed.

After you are finished with the bronzer, get your Melrose Creme blush and gently apply it to the top of the cheekbones with your finger.

The makeup artist has made a strong statement with Isla's beautifully shaped brows, I would use the delux brow definer and the Yass eyeshadow to get that look. If you have dark hair then the Tilba will look fantastic for you. Remember that the highest point of your eyebrows should be 2/3 of the way along your eyes... if you need a little help with shaping your brows, go and have a look at the blog I posted back in September and see if that helps.

On the eyes I would start with Lillipilli all over the lid area, up to the brow and underneath the bottom lashes, then blend Tilba onto the lid area using the Small Fluff Brush. With the angle of the small fluff blend that darker Tilba until it disappears into the Lillipilli.

Get your Black Eye Pencil and line the bottom lashes and the outer corners of your eyes, then curl your lashes and be generous with the mascarra.

Last but not least, top it off with a sweep of Diamond Lipgloss to give that shine without too much colour.

At the end of all of this you should look bronzed and sultry, just like Isla... unless you are not a red head and taller than 5'3''!

Let me know how you go,