How Sweet it is!! Finally Ali gives us a pink lip pencil :)

How Sweet it is!  Finally Ali Hamylton Cosmetics has come up with the perfect pink lip pencil, and it is gorgeous.  As usual, it is a wonderful, soft easy to use pencil that goes on like a dream.  And the colour is perfectly pink, soft and creamy.

As you can see from the photo of my freckly lips it is not too lolly, not too much blue, with only a hint of taupe... just a wonderful, versatile pink.  It has the usual soft, creamy matte texture that you expect from an Ali lip pencil and it goes with any brown-beige or pink lipstick, perfect for Astrid, Lulu, Matilda, Thora, Kylie, Jazz, Kanga... need I say more?!

It is also lays a perfect base for any of the Ali Hamylton Lip glosses to give the lip just a little bit more definition... especially for Blossom which has a gorgeous new formula but more about that later :)

It definitely gets the ThatMakeup stamp of approval, we love it!

Sweet lip pencil $17.95