Festive Lips - New lip products from Ali Hamylton Cosmetics

Welcome to the festive season! 

This summer if your are not wearing some shade of orange on your lips you are soooo last year!

And, for those perfectly festive party lips Ali Hamylton Cosmetics has come up with two perfect new lip products that have a very fruity twist! So I decided to go with this outdoorsy, summer theme and take to the garden to showcase our new Lip Pencil and Gloss.

Poppy in my garden :)First we have Poppy, a gorgeous bright red/orange lip pencil, like a cross between a North Queensland Mango and a Ruby Red Grapefruit... sounds like a fruit salad for your lips, just think bright, eyecatching lips as you smile your way through this party season. 

As you can see from this picture of Poppy on my freckly little lips, it is a wonderful addition to the Ali Hamylton lip pencil range.  It has the usual Ali softness with it's easy to apply texture but this time it is a mango coloured marvel.
Poppy Lip Pencil  $17.95

Necta in my garden too!
Then we have Necta, a gorgeous, shimmering gloss with just a hint of mandarine orange through it, it's like an orange and mango gloss with just a hint of peach. (ha, ha, more fruit descriptions!)  But really, this gloss is beautiful, it is sparkly and super shiny, and it smells like summer to boot.

The pic of the gloss on the freckly lips doesn't seem to have picked up the sparkles... believe me it sparkles!

Necta Lip Gloss  $18.50

As a special we have put together a little Poppy/Necta combo deal, because these two products look so GORGEOUS together!  If you buy a Poppy you can get your Necta at half price!  Thats a saving of $9.25!

Ali Hamylton as usual is setting the pace with this beautiful Necta and Poppy combination.

  Necta/Poppy Combo  $27.20

I am off to Perth in a couple of weeks but I hope to have something for you to nibble on before then... either way you will hear from me again before Christmas, I mean really it has been SOOOOO long since I gave you guys a good "how to" to sink your teeth into.

Happy Christmas shopping,