Angelina Jolie at the Golden Globe Awards

Angelina JolieI found this gorgeous photo on and thought I had to tell you all how to get this look.  Actually, to tell you how to do this makeup is so easy... seriously, Angelina Jolie has gone to the Golden Globes with such a simple, classic, beautiful look. BUT, and here is the disclaimer, to get you to look like this unbelievably beautiful creature is a whole other story!


She has started with a beautiful and perfect foundation for her, if you have skin like Angelina's I suggest that you wear the Charlotte Creme Foundation with a dusting (ever so lightly!) of Burdekin Dual Finish Foundation over the top.

Get your Ali Hamylton Bronzer and dust under your cheek bones, not like a tiger stripe, just enough to give you a little contrast and a little glow... you can also dust it over your forehead.

Now, for the cheeks. Get a rosey blush, Sydney would be nice as it is not too pink, and apply it to the front (or apple's) of the cheeks and blend it backwards along the top of the cheekbone. Then get the Otto Creme Eye Shadow and run it lightly along the top of your cheek bones, you will be AMAZED at the glow this stuff gives you! Blend it out with you ring finger in small circlular motions. If you find that you have applied too much don't just keep rubbing, this will muddy your look, just get a soft tissue and gently wipe off the excess.

Now check out those eyebrows! They are a lesson in the classic brow. The attention to detail of her stylist is to be commended. Notice that the brows are a shade lighter than her chocolate coloured hair, this gives her the definition that you look for with out the harsh, sharpness that a darker brow would give. To get this brow look I would use the Delux Brow Liner and the Yass Eye Shadow. Remember to go against the lashes of the brow, then turn the brush around and go with the lashes of the brow. You can repeat this process for as long as it takes for you to get the desired shade. If you have darker hair you could use the Tilba Eye Shadow instead, but be careful, that stuff is potent! Once you are there just get a small brush, like an old mascara wand or a tooth brush and comb those brows into line (if they get too unrooly you can put a little hairspray or moose on your brush first, this should tame them).

Phew, this is a lot of information for a simple makeup isn't it?!   So now we can move onto the eyes. Start with Lillipilli Eye Shadow all over the lid area as a base with the Large Fluff Brush, then go over the lid area and into the socket line with Yass using the Small Fluff Brush. Use the angle of the brush to blend the Yass up to create a soft, deep contrast, then run the brush around the outer corner of the eye and bring it underneath to create the beginning of your frame. The frame is so important in this look because it is all shading.

Get your Tilba Eye Shadow and run it over the outer corner of the lid and up into the socket line making a sharp ">" shape on the lid and up into the socket line, then blend it so the line is softened. Bring that darker shade around under the eye and along the bottom lashes too, not as far as the Yass, just enough to enhance that framing.

A little closer for you.Get your Black Eye Pencil and make a dark line along the top lashes from the outer corner all the way to the inner corner making sure that your line starts thicker and gets thinner, until it disappears rather than stops (you will need a sharp pencil to do this properly, a little tip is to put your pencil's in the freezer for a little while before you sharpen them, that way you can get them really sharp.) Then run the pencil along the bottom outer corner and the inside of the bottom inner corner... I hope this is not too confusing but the liner is sooooo important with this look. Now get a cotton bud and blend these lines out.

Now, with your Delux Liner Brush and your Bulla Eye Shadow go over the pencil to seal it in place.

If you want to make it a little more intense, which would be nice, you could get your Midnight Liquid Eyeliner Duo and your Delux Liner brush and apply a super fine line along the top lashes.

Now for a sweep of Black Mascara... I would do two coats and I would curl my lashes, and then coat your lips with a slick of Diamond Lipgloss.

And hey presto, you are ready for the red carpet!