What the??!! Did anyone else know that Claire Danes turned into a swan?!

Claire Danes

Boy oh boy, hasn't Claire Danes grown into one beautiful bombshell! I could hardly believe my eyes when I found this photo on JustJared.com. Back in the days when you would see her by Ben Lee's side she wasn't scrubbing up like this. And what a fantastic, current makeup style she is sporting. According to Allure Magazine's December issue, this is THE look to be wearing... it is all shimmery whites and soft, shimmery, pinks.

So, if I were Claire's makeup artist I would start with a Light-Neutral Concealer. You wouldn't think that she needs a concealer looking at this photo, but there is definitely concealer being used here. When you are using concealer, the important thing to remember is that you only conceal what needs to be concealed. Sounds obvious but so often people assume that concealer HAS to go in certain areas of the face... it is not the case, you just cover up the imperfection and move on.

I always apply my concealer with a brush first, so get your Ali Hamylton Concealer Brush (this one doubles as a brilliant lip brush for those blessed with full lips) and apply it to the blemish and blend it out. Start with just a little, you really don't need much and if you put on too much you will find your makeup gets cakey. So blend that concealer, really work it, I don't move on to foundation until the concealer is perfect... this way you will need very little foundation. 

In the March issue of Marie Claire magazine, the one with Jennifer Aniston on the cover, the L'Oreal makeup artists disagree with me saying that one should conceal AFTER foundation... This is impossible with a Dual foundation for one, and secondly, you need to match your foundation to your chest and your concealer to your face.

So it is a technique that has never worked for me... give it a go if you want though because I believe we have to find what works for us individually.  (btw, this is not the opinion of Marie Claire, it was just a paid ad by a hefty member of "Big Makeup" throwing their weight around... if you have read all my blogs you will know how I feel about big makeup, if not, have a read of this  Click here)

Once again I digress!!!  Back to work... I don't always use concealer, but I do use it more often than not, as I find that the makeup lasts much longer when I do. I really want to reiterate here, it is important that you get that concealer finished before you move on to foundation, to me this means that it should be so well blended that you really cannot see where it starts and where it finishes.

A big mistake that many women make, and makeup artists for that matter, is that they make the concealer too light in colour, this in turn makes the foundation too heavy as you need to use sooo much in order to COVER UP THE CONCEALER! Strange concept really... covering up your concealer. So get your concealer the exact colour of the skin on your face.

This may mean that you have to get two concealers and mix them, I mean really, what are the chances of a makeup company matching you exactly?! For example, I use a mix of Light Amber concealer and Dark concealer... ha ha, you would think if your Mum owned the company you would get a concealer that matches your skin wouldn't you? But, alas no, mine is a skin tone that will always take a little extra effort, such is the life of a red head... back to Claire!

Once I have her concealer perfect I would dust over her face with the Nerang Dual Finish Foundation with the Mop Brush... no sponge, just the brush.

Then get your Otto Creme Eye Shadow and use it as a luminiser. Apply it to the top of your cheek bones, starting at the apple of your cheek and blending back in circular motions. I just use my ring finger(which is sporting nowadays :-) to do this, no special brushes.

Moving on to eyebrows. We have another set of beautifully shaped brows here, the arch is 2/3 of the way along the eye (if not a little more) and this is opening up the eye, giving her a fresh and alive look. So get your Yass Eye Shadow and your Deluxe Liner brush. To apply, first go with the lashes of the brow, then go against the lashes of the brow and then brush into shape with a small brush like a tooth brush or an old mascara wand.

For the eyes; start with Eliza all over the lid area and up to the brow line as a base. Next get your Darwin eyeshadow and also put this all over the lid area and into the socket line. This should leave your lids looking pink and shimmery. Now, with your ring finger get your Cloud Eye Shimmer and gently push it into the lid area... not too heavy, you are not going for the smoky look here, you are just wanting a dusting of silver.

Then get a cotton bud, put some cloud on the tip and accentuate the outer corners and use it like an eye shadow underneath. Now, get another cotton bud and the Moon Eye Shimmer, and lightly dust it around the inner corner of the eyes, this will open them up sooooo much you will love it! (NOTE: Use the Moon gently, you only want a dusting here.)

Now get your Grey Pencil and lightly define your eyes, then curl those lashes and apply your Black Mascara.

For your lips I would either use the Diamond Lip Gloss, or if you prefer a lipstick because you want it to last longer, line your lips with Pebble Lip Liner and apply Astrid with a brush.

Lastly, get your Melrose Creme Blush and give you cheeks just a hint of colour... not much, this is not a rosey cheek look, so start with a little and build up the the colour you are looking for.

The special I am going to attach to this look is a big one, and not for the faint hearted, but if you are wanting to get a good deal on updating your makeup up kit, the Claire Special is for you. You will get...

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At only $250.00... that is 30% off the normal retail value of $350.00!, this will also include your express post to anywhere in Australia (Valued at $10). If there are Eye Shadows or Shimmers that are included in this special that you already have just let me know what you would like to swap them for and I will do that for you. Also make sure you let me know which foundation and concealer colours you would like so that I can get your look exactly right.

If you are having trouble getting your look just right let me know and I will see what I can do to make it work for you, maybe we can do a skype makeup lesson or something...

I hope you enjoy putting this look together, it was a new one for me and I love it, look forward to hearing from you, Kylie. x

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Claire Danes Special
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