Jennifer Anistons bronzed look.

Jennifer Aniston at The Oscars. (photo from's on the cover of everything you can see at the news agency at the moment, the world is totally enamored with her story. Whether it be her look, her clothes, her previous marriage, her current relationship, who dumped whom, we all seem to want to know more about Jennifer Aniston. I have read a few of the articles and have to say don't go and buy anything based on her story as all of the articles seem to be different versions of the same interview!!

I have to admit to being a bit of a Jennifer Aniston admirer, not a weird fan, I just like her style from head to toe.  I like the way she wears her hair, like the clothes she wears, like how fit yet feminine she is, love her style and always love her makeup. She has such a great class about her, if I could steal one Hollywood wardrobe it would be hers. I am not interested in any other information about her, so I am not going to mention any of that other crap, it is just her style that I am interested in.

At the UK premier of Marley and Me I don't know whether I should be bowing at the alter of her or her stylist, as I am not a stalky kind of 'know everything about her' person, but either way, I wish I could stay this classic all the time. She seems to maintain her own look through each fashion craze, I doubt I would find a photo of Jennifer with a belt done up around her ribs because it was in Vogue, or some such other fad that is momentarily going about. She just seems to stay herself, and that is a self-esteem thing that I aspire to.

As you will see, I have included more than one photo, this is so you will see that she has a bit of a formula that she only deviates from a little here and there. Her look at the Oscar's was fresh and playful, with a little bit of extra oomph for the cameras, I thought the hair was gorgeous, it made me smile as I did my daughters hair exactly the same way last week and would never have thought it could look so good on a 40 year old woman. Her look on the cover of Marie Claire is the same, but just a little more bronzed California girl. Ultimately this is a woman that has found what looks good on her and knows how to play with it.

On the cover of March Marie ClaireIn her interview for Marie Claire Magazine she says "physically, I feel the best I have ever felt, and I feel happier than ever." This shows so much, and is an important aside to add here as I think it is the biggest beauty secret of all as it shines through even the heaviest foundation. When we are happy our hormones do so much more work for us than our blush or our concealer. I know this can be hard to manage sometimes, when the kids are pushing your boundaries, when the bills are more piled up than you would like or when things just aren't going your way, but it is the one beauty secret we all need to master.

Anyway, once again I digress!!! Back to Jennifer's makeup. As it was so recent I am going to tell you how to get her Oscar's look...

Just showing you agan to jog your memoryThis is a glowing look, so I would go for the Ali Hamylton Creme foundation in Charlotte. I would apply it with my hands, and then go over any areas that need a little extra cover with a mix of the dark and light amber concealers, apply these with a brush and blend into the creme until it disappears.

The eyebrows are enhanced with a swipe of Yass applied with the Deluxe Liner brush.

For the cheeks, apply Melrose Creme blush with your ring finger... start at the apple of your cheeks and work your way back in circular motions. You only need a little bit so build it slowly. Then for that extra bit of glow use Otto Creme Eyeshadow as a luminiser along the top of your cheekbones, closer to the eye.

For the eyes use a combo of Lillipilli, Perth and Figtree. Lillipilli goes all over the lid area right up to the brow line, Perth goes on to the lid area up to the socket line. Blend that Perth into the Lillipilli so that there is not a sharp line there, but don't go too high as this is a fresh, summery look not a smokey look.

The figtree is used like a thick, soft eye liner, showing just a hint of colour. Apply this with the Deluxe Liner brush starting from the outer corner and working your way in (only about 2/3 of the way in though)

Then it is time to line your eyes. This is really important as the eyeshadow you have on now should be quite soft, not really red carpet ready yet. Start out with your Ali Hamylton eye pencil in black, line the eyes from the outer corner in, concentrating on the upper rather than the lower line. Once you have your line, smooth it out with a cotton bud and then seal it with the Ali eyeshadow in Bulla, apply this with the Deluxe liner brush as well... think we might have to have a special on the Deluxe liner brush as you need to have a few of these, I know I have 3 in my personal kit one for eyebrows, one for black eyeliner and one for occasions such as the Figtree line in this makeup.

Then curl your lashes and give them two coats of Mascara.

Line your lips with Shale lip pencil and then swipe on a coat of Jazz lipstick.

To finish off your summery look and to give you that glow that we are all looking for get your Ali Hamylton Bronzing Powder and give your whole face a super light swipe with a mop brush. You don't need much, just a little glow.  You can also brush it over your chest and shoulders if they are exposed, it really gives your skin a lift.

And there you are, your bronzed California girl look is ready to go.

I will post a special with this one as it is so easy, so keep an eye on the specials blog to see what is available or make sure you're on our specials mailing list to get advanced notice!  Good luck, I know you wont need it as this one is EASY.