Who wants a FREE black mascara?

Hello to you all.

Just wanting to let you in on a little special we are running for the next couple of weeks. Until the end of June you will receive a FREE Ali Hamylton Mascara with every purchase over $25!

Pretty cool hey?!

Ali Hamylton Mascara is a super, jet black mascara. 

It has a beautiful gel base, is fibre free and long lasting.  The gel base gives it the effect of a volume mascara, without the gluggy leftovers of those fibre filled ones, it leaves your lashes looking shiny and inviting. 

It is not a waterproof mascara, so it wont break your lashes.  It is well and truly the BEST mascara I have ever used, my eyes stay itch free all day, and my lashes look freshly painted when I cleanse it all off at night.

Now, I thought I would celebrate this little gem of an offer with an online Mascara lesson. I know this is going to be a tough one to get across in words (all of you will have to get your tongues right) BUT I think it can be done.

There are a couple easy techniques that lead to perfect mascara so grab your new Ali Hamylton Mascara and head to the mirror.

Actually, first off let's deal with a couple of the questions that I get asked the most.

To pump or to wind the mascara wand?

That is the question. Well, if you have read anything written by the late Kevin Aucoin you would be on the 'pump' team and if you have ever been in the room at any of Ali Hamylton's memorable events you would surely be in the "wind the wand" team.  I sit well and truly on the fence on this one.

Ali doesn't like the pump action as she thinks it shortens the life of the mascara, and this may be true BUT this is made irrelevant by the answer to the second question...

How long should I keep a mascara?

Well, you really should change your mascara at least twice a year.  That small, dark, moist, airtight container of black sexy stuff is a wonderful place to grow all kinds of things that you wouldn't want too close to your eye, so I say swap it over a couple of times a year for a fresh, clean batch :) Therefore, you can pump or wind as much as you want as there is no way you will dry out an Ali Hamylton mascara in that time... or even twice that time for that matter.

Now that we have that ironed out, lets get to the job at hand.

Get your fresh mascara wand and clean the excess off the brush by running it along the top of the pot, then place the brush along the BASE of your upper lashes. Once you have it there give it a little wiggle to make sure you are going to really coat those lashes. Now, slowly and gently close your eye and run the wand through your lashes in the direction that you want the lashes to go (which is ALWAYS out toward the top of your ear!!) Now tilt your head back, look at your eyes in the mirror and work your lashes into the shape you want them to sit.

The bulk of your mascara should be on the base of your lashes, this will either give the illusion of eyeliner, or enhance the eyeliner you already have in place.

On the bottom lashes all you need to do is touch the lashes a tiny bit with the brush BEFORE you put it back into the pot. One doesn't want too much on those bottom lashes as these should only be subtly enhanced, not looking like a spiders web.

Then it is just a matter of repeating the process on the other eye and there you have gorgeous, long sexy black lashes. If you are wanting them to be a little longer still, just run a fresh wand over the tips of your lashes, not the base as this will make it too heavy, just the tips will give you an extra millimeter for sure.

Let me know how you go with this one, and remember to hold your tongue right :)

Take care, Kylie x

PS.  Here is a clever idea, you could buy one beautiful black mascara and get one free and land yourself a year's supply of Mascara for half the price!!  Now that is a good idea! 

Buy it here...

Ali Hamylton Mascara $22.95

(I know I said purchases over $25 get a free one, but I know I will get away with saying this, I mean I am the boss!)