Mineral Makeup is sooo yesterday!

Just today I was sent a FANTASTIC "Ask Kylie" question, and I thought it would be a great idea to share it with all of you as it is a question that just keeps cropping up. I hope Christine doesn't mind me sharing the intimacies of our conversation... ;)

The Question was titled...

Mineral Make-up.

The Question: A friend who I put onto your range mentioned she thought you were releasing a mineral foundation, is this true?
love your products, have been using them for around 6-7 years.

And here is the answer to this much asked question...

Hi Christine,

Thank you so much for you question.

I think that the "Ask Kylie" section of the website is my favorite page on the site, because questions like this are GOLD. So often when I am doing makeup I am asked "Should I be using a mineral foundation?" This mineral foundation obsession has just sprung up out of nowhere to take over the cosmetic industry... everyone wants a mineral foundation!

But, in your question you say that you have been using the products for 6 - 7 years, this proves that you my love are a pioneer among your peers, because you have been using a mineral foundation since before they even cottoned on to it in their latest edition of what ever mag they subscribe to!!

Ali Hamylton put a mineral foundation to market 17 years ago in the form of the Dual Finish Foundation! She researched to find the exact coverage she was looking for and she found it in a Mineral/Aloe combination. This shows, once again, that "Mother is always right" as I didn't agree with her at the time. Back then I was totally into liquid foundation, but she wisely didn't listen to me and brought to market what I have to say is the BEST FOUNDATION I have EVER used!!

So in a sense your friend was right when she said Ali was releasing a Mineral Foundation... she was just 17 years (as Ali did created it that long ago) behind the 8 ball... and 6 or 7 years behind you.

Hope this helps :)

Kylie x

... As an addition to this response I want to say that Ali (Mum) proved me wrong once again last year when she created what I have to say is THE BEST Creme Foundation that I have ever used. I told her that she already had it wrapped up with the Dual and that the range didn't need another foundation... I mean really, how can you go beyond the Dual?! We have acres of testimonials about it, some of you beautiful ladies have been using it for 17 years! But she wisely (once again) ignored me and now Ali Hamylton Cosmetics sports the Daily Double of Foundation ranges! You are a champion Mum, keep following those instincts of yours... and keep ignoring me!! love you :)