New Deluxe Mascara - Totally Gorgeous Black Mascara

Ali has a new and even more improved formula for her mascara, and it comes in gorgeous, stylish new packaging.

I think it was inspired by her hearing me recommend a waterproof mascara to someone... when she questioned me about it (and I use that term loosely) I had to tell the truth that, though her mascara was beautiful, a touch of water and there was a road map streaking down my cheeks.

Little did I know, but I think I had an impact because Ali went out and made a blinking beautiful mascara!  It is water resistant, is a brilliant, intense black, plumps up my lashes and is PH balanced so it is gentle on my eyes (no itching at all).  My lashes look thick and long all day.

And on top of all of that, it is has gorgeous new packaging.  So, the Ali Hamylton NEW Deluxe Mascara has my tick of approval!  And as a special to celebrate this new kid on the block, if you buy a New Mascara Deluxe and a Black Eye Pencil, I will give you a Brown Eye Pencil as a gift from me :)


$45.45 Gets you a New Mascara, awesome Black Pencil and an awsome Brown Pencil for free (that's a saving of $17.95).