Hand Bag Makeup.

What's important in a makeup product? It's different for everyone... for me it is ease of application, how it feels, how it smells (cant stand things that are too strong!), how it looks on the skin, how easily I can get it off my face!! and how well it fits into my hand bag.  So, let's talk hand bag makeup!

Kylie's List of Handbag Essentials

There are all manner of things that are important when choosing the right makeup for you... look, feel, smell etc, BUT one would have to agree that there are some products that are more essential than others, and really do have to go with you everywhere you go!

I thought I would let you know what is ALWAYS in my hand bag, no matter what.  There are products on the list that aren't Ali's , but since she brought out her all new deluxe mascara, that may not be the case for much longer! I have to admit I do try other brands (must still be rebelling against my mother!), but after a while I really don't see the point, I just keep coming back to Ali's great quality, functional products... reliable because they work every time.

OK, so lets assume that I have my makeup all done and I am ready to go to work, the first thing I pop into my little baggie that goes inside my hand bag is my Dual Foundation and Powder Mop Brush.  Though my make up will stay perfect all day, I never know if something might crop up that I just cannot miss after work or, more importantly, I may need to completely redo my makeup because the surf was up and I couldn't resist a lunch time dip.

So, if I am going to retouch my foundation then then next thing to go in is my Otto Creme Eyeshadow, because that is the very next thing I will retouch... a little Otto along the tops of my cheekbones looks gorgeous! 

After that is my Melrose Creme Blush. Handbag makeup really does need versatile and have more than one use, I use this over my powder blushes because I don't want to carry around a bunch of brushes, also I love the colour!  AND on top of that, I use it as an eyeshadow if I have to redo my whole makeup.  What I do is, apply Otto to the lid area and up and over the socket line.  Then I get the Melrose and only apply it to the lid area. Then I get my Brown Eye Pencil (this is also a hand bag staple!) and scribble it over the Melrose and then blend it together with my finger, then a little extra pencil (black or brown) along the outer corners and you look FAB!!

I don't keep powder eyeshadows and brushes in my bag because if I have done my eyeshadow properly it wont move, and with the Otto and Melrose in my bag already I can do a wonderful eye makeup.  All I need to take beyond these two products for my eyes is two pencils, Ali's Black and Brown Eye Pencil's.  These are soft and easy to apply, and their colour is intense so they snaz up your eye makeup really easily.

The other staples in my hand bag are my Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler... nothing opens up your eyes like curly lashes, and two mascara's, one of Ali's gorgeous New Mascara Deluxe (wait til you try this one, not only is the packaging gorgeous, it is seriously B-E-A-utiful!), and one Maybellie Define-a-lash Volume Mascara (waterproof).  I have the Maybelline because, though I don't use a waterproof mascara everyday, there are times when you have to and this one is the best I have found.

Lipsticks are a no brainer, Thora and Jazz!  These are my handbag lippies.  They live in my bag because they just seem to go with everything.  Sure, if I choose to go with a bright red lip that day I will toss it in my bag, but these two lippies live in my hand bag all the time. And last but not least one Shale and one SweetLip Pencil.

Oh, and of course there is always a tube of Suvana Paw Paw Ointment, there is nothing like it!

Ultimately, your handbag makeup should be there for you through thick and thin.  It should serve as a touch up saviour, have the ability to make you look beautiful as you drive up the highway steering with your knee, and send you off to that after work party looking HOT!

PS.  To add any or all of these to your shopping cart just click on the link below, you can add or remove what ever products you want in one easy step!  If you want to change the foundation simply let me know the colour you want and I will change it.  If there is a product on the list you don't want just cross it out... it's that easy!