Lippies from Heaven.

NEW! Sharma - The perfect winter warm up!Here is a little offer that just might tickle your fancy;

To celebrate the latest AHC lipstick "Sharma" Until the 31st of July, if you buy any 2 lippies you get a 3rd one free!

Just like the "Little Black Dress" Red Lipstick has always been a prominent "must" in any girl's make up purse.

Sharma is our new, yellow-based, clear red. For the perfect look use your Bungle Red Lip Pencil to outline the lip area first and then apply our new Sharma lipstick.

It glides across the lips with long-lasting pigments. 

This offer could really get you all the lippie you need for quite some time.

SO, buy any 2 lippies and get your choice of;

Jarra, Joyce, Astrid, Marilyn, Cara, Shirl, Sharma, Eva or Giles

FREE. Yay! 

Click here to buy your Sharma and then choose your other lippies...

Or click on the following lippie link to go to the lipstick gallery and choose 3 lippies for yourself!


PS. Just let me know which lipstick you want free in the special comments section when you are ordering :)

PPS. My husband thought I wasn't quite clear enough on the whole offer so I just want you to understand that you can buy ANY lipstick you want, I know I have spoken a lot about Sharma, but that is just because it is new, you really can choose any two lipsticks and get a 3rd for free... no questions asked :) clear as mud I am sure.