The Pink/Brown Lippy Question...

Which pinky/brown lippy is which, and what is the difference???  I can well and truly understand how this question could come up... there are a lot of pink/brown descriptions when it comes to Ali's lipsticks, so when Mandi asked this question I figured that there may be more ladies out there wondering the same thing! 

So here is a brief appraisal of all that is pinkish/brownish in the Ali Hamylton lipstick range;

KANGA - A pinky/taupe lippy with a matte satin consistency.  This lipstick is more pink than brown, but has blue tones to it so that it is a cooler pink. The Matte Satin description means that it has no shimmer, is long lasting and only has a little bit of sheen, no shine.

EVA - This is a very similar colour to Kanga, but is a satin sheen lippy.  This means that it is a more slippery, transparent lipstick, but not a gloss.  Eva has no shimmer to it (though the other satin/sheen lippies do.)

FRAZER - This lipstick has more brown than pink, though there is still a little pink to it.  It is a satin lippy and this means that it gives the colour "pay off" of a full on lipstick, but it is smooth and glossy.  These lippies are also moisturising which is an added bonus. It is important to note that Frazer has no shimmer.

JAZZ - Jazz is more pink than brown... actually it is more like a pink champagne colour.  It is a satin lippy so it has the same consistency as Frazer, but is a shimmery more than glossy.  This lipstick is the biggest seller in the Ali lipstick range, so it is brilliant!

I hope this is helpful, let me know if it helps... or if there is anything I have forgotten!