The New Starlight Duo Eyeshadow... gorgeous!

The latest product to grace the Ali Hamylton range is the

"New Starlight Duo."


These AHC duo's are fantastic because they bring you all the quality that you expect from an Ali eyeshadow with two shades that compliment each other beautifully‚Ķ all squashed together into the convenience of one little compact!  

This one is the perfect little smoky eye combo, with just a hint of disco to it ;)

Use the shimmery silver as your base, then sexy it up with the charcoal grey.  All you need to do after that is get out your black pencil and line your eyes, then if you are feeling really pro, seal your pencil with some Bulla eyeshadow, it will make you feel sexy like J Lo, and fun like Jessie J.  

If you would like to give this a go, until the end of July, with every Starlight Eyeshadow I will give you a Black pencil and mascara at half price!  That will make your next makeup quick, easy, GORGEOUS and affordable too!

You will get your Starlight, Mascara and pencil for $49.95... that's a saving of $15.90, nothing to be sneezed at this winter :)  Just click on the Buy It Now below and it will all be done for you.

Happy Winter!