My Skin Care Routine

Lucy asked if ThatMakeUp is going to bring out a skin care range, and boy oh boy would I love to, but that is a long way off. 


So what do I do for skin care?  Well, I do my best to keep it as natural and simple as possible.

  My makeup remover/cleanser of choice is 100% pure Coconut Oil.  I can hear gasps of fear emanating from my readers…. "I'm not going to use an oil on my face!"  But don't be so quick to make that decision.  Coconut oil is a miracle product if ever there was one.  And the very next product in the Ali skin care range would be just that, 100% pure, cold pressed coconut oil... who knows, might not be as far away as it sounds.

There have been all kinds of accusations of the poor coconut.  Once upon a time it was believed to be bad for your heart because of its high saturated fat content, but it has now been proven to help prevent heart attacks, not cause them!  But what has that got to do with my skin you may ask… well, coconut oil is really high in Lauric Acid, it's 50% lauric acid actually!  And when lauric acid is present in the body it is converted to monolaurin, a monoglyceride that exhibits antiviral, antimicrobial, antiprotozoal and antifungal properties.

So what does this mean to your skin?  Well most acne is caused by bacterial infection especially if we pick that spot (which we say we don't/wont but we always do!) and then it gets red and inflamed.  So ideally we would eat more coconut oil to keep our monolaurin levels high, but even when it is present on the skin coconut oil does all of these things as well as being moisturising!  WOW!

I use about a teaspoon of oil on a warm, damp face and gently rub it all over my skin, through my makeup until I look like something scary, and then I wipe it off with a wet microfibre cloth.  I use a microfibre cloth as these little wonders not only gently remove all of that makeup, they also slough off dead, flakey skin so you can kiss that scrub goodbye, no need for that extra step!  After that I splash some extra water over my face to get any excess off.  Now, while it is still wet your skin is going to feel like it's oily, but fear not, as soon as you dry it voile it will feel super clean and so, so soft.

After that I go to bed, no night cream for me :)  According to Dr Haushka "The skin is most active at night and 'night creams' do not allow the skin to breathe and detoxify naturally. They can actually be counterproductive. Before sleeping the skin should be simply hydrated, cleansed, then conditioned or toned."  Now, I don't tone because when you cleanse with Coconut oil the ph level of your skin balances out over time, but if you are a mad keen toner then it's totally up to you (to me it is just another unnecessary expense and step).

Then, in the morning I cleanse again… you would be amazed at what comes out of your skin at night!  After that I moisturise with Phyts Creme Ylang on my face and Phyts Fluid Contours around my eyes. What a beautiful product Phyts is, the efficacy of their certified organic range is amazing, and the Creme Ylang is so soft and gentle that my ridiculously sensitive skin doesn't go crazy with it!  There are heaps of fantastic moisturisers to choose from in this range, ones that hydrate, oxygenate, deal with rosacea… you name it.  If you would like a hand in choosing one that would be right for you drop me an email and let me know about your skin I would be more than happy to help.  I have to admit, I have been a big part of fixing MANY skin care problems with this simple process.

You can buy good coconut oil from most health food stores, make sure it is cold pressed and preferably organic.   Not that I think organic is the be all and end all of everything, quite the contrary, I truly think that there is a whole lot of hog wash that goes along with the "organic" industry as I don’t believe that the cost of production is as much as the increase in price, but when you buy an organic cold pressed coconut oil it hasn't been heated and no chemicals have been used to extract the oil so you know you are getting the good stuff for your skin.  You can buy microfibre cloths from Bunnings if you like, I do as they sell them in bulk packs.  I buy a pack of 10 every few months.  And you can buy Phyts by clicking on the Creme Ylang image or through the following link;

I hope this has been helpful for you, let me know how you go with it, you will have to commit to it for at least 6 weeks to get some true results, I look forward to hearing your success stories!