Back to School Makeup


Isn't it funny when you get to the stage in your life when you catch yourself consistently saying "when I was young..."?  I am well and truly there!  I find that I am talking about the differences between my childhood and that of my children all the time.  It's not as bad as "when I was young we didn't even have shoes", but it is more like..."when I was young there weren't so many preservatives in the food, when I was young there wasn't so much to watch on TV, when I was young hanging out with your friends meant going to the beach or the latest doozy... When I was young we weren't even allowed to wear makeup to school!"

The moment I said that I created a makeup monster.  You see, I said no makeup to school, so the makeup was put on at school, and slowly, slowly the makeup got heavier and heavier and heavier.  By judging whether or not the makeup should be worn, I missed the opportunity the teach HOW to wear the makeup.  It wasn't until one night when we took the kids out for a birthday dinner and I took a photo and saw my little makeup monster staring me in the face that I saw the error to my ways.  There she was, foundation too heavy, wrong colour, no blush so looking pasty and a little ill, tooooooo much eye liner (what is it with teenagers and eye liner?!) and covered in pimples from not cleansing properly...I was ashamed of myself.  Here I was being pious and missing out on something fantastic.  So we finally sat down and had that "makeup for school" lesson.  One of those if you cant beat 'em, join 'em moments.

The first thing we did was cover how to remove your makeup properly.  She took a little bit of convincing, all her friends said that using an oil on your face is bad, and they should know!  I mean who am I with my 20+ years of experience, what would I know?  But she listened and tried the coconut oil out.  It took two weeks and a couple of amazing breakouts, but after that her skin was clear as a bell (and believe me bells are clear!).  So take a look at my skin care blog for that lesson.

Then we covered foundation.  The very best foundation to wear for school is the dual finish, applied with a brush.  No concealer, that is just too obvious.  The dual finish with a brush is soft, subtle and gives you just enough coverage.  If you need a little help with colour matching, or if your daughter needs more coverage than that for school then send me a photo and I can design something specific for her.

Then we went on to the blush explanation.  The thing is, if you wear a foundation you must wear a blush.  The funny thing is you end up looking like you have less makeup on if you do...wear more to look like less.  Wearing foundation takes all of the natural colours out of your face, mainly the colours that you don't want which is good, but you have to put the good colours back. Sydney is a perfect, soft blush just for this purpose.  It's not too peachy or pink and no shimmer to catch the sunlight, just a natural shade of warmth (if warmth is a shade!).  Apply a little to the apple of the cheek, (that's the front of the cheek bone, stand in front of the mirror and give yourself a huge grin and you will see the two little apples I am talking about), and then blend in small circular motions back toward your ear.  Be careful here, we don't want stripes, remember we are going for subtle.

Now, as much as they will protest, no bronzer!  The shimmer monster is in that bronzer, and this is the culprit that will get your girl busted for wearing makeup at school.  Bronzer out of school is great, add a little extra life and glow to the face is brilliant!

Now for the eyes.  My suggestion is to have groomed brows and lashes.  You can do this yourselves, just watch my video on how to tint and shape your brows, and also to have a regular eyelash tint, this way we don't need much mascara to get the definition that she will be looking for.  Then I would use a soft, subtle, brown liner.  Get as close to the lashes as possible with a sharp pencil, put a fine line on the outer 3rd and then blend it with a cotton bud.  Then curl the lashes and put a very small amount of mascara on the outer tips.  Finally a little bit of lip balm and voila! Beautiful, soft, virtually undetectable makeup.

I hope this helps you, let me know how you go.