How Many Times Do You Need To Get Up?

January is a little tough in any business.  Everyone has already spent beyond themselves doing their best to make Christmas and the summer holidays fantastic for their children, what they haven't spent they have allocated to the Boxing Day and Stock Take sales...then school is starting so the priority becomes books, shoes (and the RIGHT shoes), lunch boxes, then they always sling the school photos at you in the first couple of weeks because you haven't spent enough money already! So it is easy to feel a little pinch at the start of the year.  But this year something has happened that has really p'd me off.

Ali Hamylton Cosmetics has had a long standing account with a pharmacy chain and they have gone into recievership.  Now I know that happens, businesses go bust all the time, but the process of receivership is really unfair. For example;

In this case all orders taken from December onward will not have to paid.  So the business, that could see it was going out of business at this late stage, has NO RESPONSIBILITY for the orders it made as the ship was sinking!  The blissfully ignorant business owners like Ali Hamylton that honored the order taken just sent the orders does that work?!  Shouldn't the business that KNOWS it is going down the toilet be responsible for the most recent orders as much as the oldest?  If I KNOW I have no money, and I take my credit card to the local shopping center and have a ball, do you think the credit card company is going to say "that's cool, anything you bought in the last month doesn't count?  Not bloody likely!

In this case the larger accounts will be paid out first and the business is not responsible for paying out accounts under $2000. Wow, so if you are owed under $2000 forget it, you don't matter.  How does that work?!  Who decides which business needs those funds more than others?  I find bankruptcy laws so unfair.  That people can go out and reak havoc, going into debt all over the place, and then go into receivership or declare bankruptcy and then go on with their lives only having to pay a percentage of their mess.  Do you think the guy who owned the pharmacy chain has to give up is BMW, or his holiday house?  I'd be surprised, everything is more than likely in someone else's name.

I know this isn't relevant to how you do your makeup, it is just an issue that is a little up my nose.  I keep hearing all manner of excuses about why business is so challenged, that the GFC is effecting us all, that times are tough, that it's all Julia's fault...or in this case 'we didn't know this was going to happen'.  But surely, being an isolated country at the bottom of the world should benefit us.

I know I am niaeve and idealistic but how about we just try a couple of things on for size;

Support your local community; Buy your fruit and veg from your local green grocer or butcher instead of a large multinational supermarket, give gift vouchers for a local business instead of some mass-produced trinket made in China...haircuts, window tinting, makeovers, car services, dress shops, restaurants, cleaners... makeup web sites :) anything that someone would otherwise pay for themselves rather than a vase that will go into their cupboard.

Start a community food exchange; Find someone with chickens and swap eggs for fresh herbs from your garden.  A girlfriend of mines husband is a keen fisherman and she now swaps fish that he catches for veggies from her neighbours gardens, how local and fresh can you get!

Just give it a go, it is only our intention that needs to change...and as for the pharmacy chain where this little rant started, I am p'd off, it is a really tough start to the year, but Ali is a tough old bird who knows if you get pushed over 7 times you only need to get up 8.

Big Love,