Welcome to the all new ThatMakeUp


We have finally done it!  The new website is finished... well a finished work in progress anyway.  There are a few things that I will be tweaking as we go along, there are photos that no longer work in this new format and I will be redoing those over the next however long it takes.  So if you are unsure about a colour just drop me a line at kylie@thatmakeup.com and I will clarify it for you.  Other than that though, I think you will all be superdooper happy with our new look!

Let me know if there is anything that doesn't work for you, or anything that you think I can do better and I will be onto it in a flash. 

There is more good news too... now every order gets FREE SHIPPING!  That's right, all your orders can come direct to your door for freeeeeee!  There will still be a paid express option if you are needing it post haste, but if you can wait a little bit then the postage is on me :) Oh happy days.  But, with all the good there is a little bad, it is just a yin/yang thing, so with our new shopping cart there is no Paypal :(  If you do want to pay with Paypal or by direct deposit then you can email me your order at kylie@thatmakeup.com and I will process it manually for you.

Now back to more GOOD news, to celebrate this amazing occasion we are handing you an unprecedented sale opportunity, 25% off ALL orders!  Yippeeeeeee!  The offer is only for the next 5 days so click on the following link to find out the magical 25% off code;

<===WOOHOO 25% OFF===>