To Brow or Not to Brow

Flicking through this months Harpers Bazaar and Marie Claire magazines I have found fodder for more than one or two blogs… maybe I should buy magazines more often.

In Harpers there are two different editorials that for me show perfectly why it is important to create a strong, shaped brow in order to frame the face.  Amazingly, even with a thick, dark eyebrow, you will find that the features are lifted and softened beautifully.

So here we have a couple of photos of a model whose brows have been made so light you cant even see them, as you can see this gives her a very sever look... even somewhat robotic.  I do understand that this is just a creative expression on the part of the stylist, but it is a wonderful image for explaining the importance of good brows.

And here we have some serious eyebrows, rich and full and beautifully balanced...

As you can see, the shape, lift and definition that the brows give is amazing, they are such an important part of your makeup routine...even before you apply your makeup.  If you would like to learn how to get that rich, full, balanced brow then take a look at my how to video so you can master this for yourself at home, or come into the salon and let me do it for you.  Just email me for an appointment at and together we will create a masterpiece.