Ali Hamylton's New Mars Lipgloss


Ali Hamylton has created the PERFECT lipgloss... seriously it is perfect.  I now have one in my bag, one in my car and one in my makeup drawer.  It's like the Thora lipstick in that it is a hand bag essential!  If you get one lip gloss this summer this is the one.  It goes BEAUTIFULLY with the Sweet Lip Pencil, so beautifully that if you buy a Mars Lip Gloss you can get a Sweet Lip Pencil for half price.

Have your lips looking so shiney and beautiful this summer with this great offer... Lip Gloss and Pencil for just $ get your lip pencil for just $9!

 Keep smiling, 


How to Use Our New Products

How to use the new SLA Bio Foundation, Corrective Pencil,

Concealer and The Beauty Pod.

Well finally I have swallowed my pride and taken a video of how to use our new products.  It's nothing fancy, and there are some serious light issues (not to mention that our childrens toy room is a funny place to do a makeup video!) but none the less it is a start and hopefully it will be the beginning of my doing more videos.  Believe me, the only way is UP from this one!

Next video will be a simple makeup that I did after doing this foundation... there will even be before and after shots!  Now who's getting technical?!


Introducing... Serge Louis Alvarez Organic Professional Range

ThatMakeup meet Serge, Serge Welcome to ThatMakeup!

This post is a bit longer than usual, but I have some huge news... I've been testing this amazing range of organic products for the past 3 months on myself and am happy to report that they have blown every other organic range I've ever tried out of the water. This guy Serge has spent a bucket load on quality ingredients to meet EcoCert regulations...making SLA the only EcoCertified makeup range in Australia!

Today I'm introducing you to a few new products in one big hit, and next week I'm going to show them to you individually with instructions on how to best to use them.  


Serge Louis Alvarez is a professional, natural and organic makeup range created by the master of makeup artistry, Serge Louis Alvarez. He began his career at a very young age in the theatres, opera houses, advertising and fashion houses in France as an elite makeup artist. 

Some of his achievements are;

• Professional Make up director in Paris opera

• Make up designer : special effects

• Creation activity: advertising for Kodak Perrier etc…

• Make up designer : theatre, Chatelet theatre, Paris

• Make up designer : show business, Lido, Paradis Latin

• Make up designer : haute couture - Paco Rabane

• Ready to wear : Halles group, Kenzo, Chacok, young designers

• Designer for cosmetic ranges

I could go on an on about how awesome this guy is and all of the amazing things he has done, but the upshot is that I needed to find you ladies a creme that you would love and I know I have done that.  The SLA range comprises something like 1200 products, but don't worry, I have no intention of putting them all up for sale at Thatmakeup!

We are just going to start with the cremes and the concealers…where we go from there is yet to be seen.

So, a little about the new foundation;

The Even Bio Skin Foundation range is comprised of a velvety smooth formulation which achieves an incredibly natural coverage.  The formula is highly enriched with an amazing cocktail of organic ingredients and the result is a beautiful, radiant glow.

At the heart of the formula is organic apricot seed oil, organic shea butter, organic argan oil, with extracts of peach tree leaf, apple and raspberry!

Some more wonderful points are;

  • 99% of the ingredients are from natural origins
  • 11% of the ingredients are from organic agriculture
  • 95.7% of the vegetal ingredients are certified organic
  • Active ingredients sourced from fair trade
  • There are no parabens
  • No phenoxyethanol
  • No PEG
  • AND not tested on lovely animals...yay!

There are six colours to choose from and I have done my best to explain them on the page but if you would like me to help you with a colour match just email me at

And the concealers;

The Bio Concealer perfectly covers the dark circles under the eyes and brings touches of light to the complexion.  Due to the natural active ingredients it allows a smooth, easy application which is non irritating and comfortable on your skin.

It is a different consistency to the Ali Hamylton concealers, but I have been using it for weeks now and love it.  It comes with a natty little brush and this makes application really easy.  I am still working on the concealer page so bare with me while I get those 2 products up and running...will have it done in a jiffy.

And now my new best friend, the Corrective Pencil!

Corrective Pencil Image.jpeg

I love, love, love this little baby!  It is like the stealth bomber of concealers…its fine point gets into all of the nooks and crannies that are hard to conceal without getting too much makeup where you don't want to conceal…not to mention that you can conceal the inner rim of your eye in order to cut the redness, wow that has been a revelation to me.

It is also made from all natural ingredients, has a creamy texture and is super easy to use…you're going to love it! 

And finally we must welcome The Beauty Pod to the stage.

I love this sponge.  I know... it is a tiny bit more expensive than the plain old sponge, but it is well and truly worth the money.  This is an Australian invention that is taking the world by storm… unfortunately everyone is now stealing the idea from the guy who invented it but that's what happens when you don't pay the money up front to patent something (but that's a whole other blog!)

It comes in pink, purple and black so you can take your pick... they all work brilliantly!

PHEW!  That was a big one.  I'm going to leave it at that and come back over the next few days with small posts and "how to's"…remember to like ThatMakeUp on Facebook as I will be putting more stuff up there as well, until then...